I had to buy my own coffee!

I had a very hard time finding a cup of coffee when I arrived at the D.C. Capitol building, a few hours after noon on a Monday afternoon, but the Capitol coffee shop on Pennsylvania Avenue had a few options to choose from.After a short walk to the corner, I found a table in the […]

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French dining table styles: From châteaux to barbecues

French dining tables have a history of style.For example, when Parisians first came to the city in the 18th century, they would sit in the back of an inn.Today, French dining rooms have grown to accommodate both families and tourists.But even the newest, newest dining tables are made from durable, water-resistant materials that are ideal […]

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How the GOP is making an anti-Trump push

Trump’s decision to dump his chief strategist and a host of other top advisers is creating a fresh opportunity for House Republicans.With the GOP poised to win control of the Senate, a number of key priorities for the Trump administration are up for grabs.The party is poised to make major changes to health care, tax […]

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How to eat at the Sydney Opera House

A new dining table is being introduced in Sydney, with a view to making the city’s dining room more accessible.The Sydney Opera Houses new dining room is the result of a $100,000 tender.The dining room was developed by Dyson to accommodate up to 100 people, with the aim of making dining more accessible for families.The […]

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When does it get hot? (It’s hot!)

The sun is setting on our world as we enter the last weeks of the summer and we’re starting to get a better idea of what’s in store for the year ahead.Temperatures will hit the mid-20s by the time we get to winter and fall.But, with the summer months, the air is expected to be […]

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