How to tell if a $500,000 restaurant is worth $2.7M

A $500 million restaurant in San Francisco’s trendy Mission District is getting its own Twitter feed, and the hashtag #SanFrancisco has taken off.The restaurant, which will be known as Mission Dolores, will have a menu of traditional Mexican dishes and will feature an extensive wine list and chef-driven menu.The new restaurant will also serve live […]

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How to save your $250 bill for the new year

You can save $250 if you fold the dining table at your next vacation by doing the following: placing it on your dining table frame,or in the corner of your dining room.The Globe and Mail explains that folding the dining tables can be done with a flat surface such as a folding table or a […]

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A cement dining room table made from concrete

In 2016, the US Army began building a dining room for a battalion of soldiers who had just returned from Afghanistan.After a series of trials, they finally settled on this concrete dining table, designed by local contractors.It’s now being used in the dining room of a hospital.And it’s been on display at the US embassy […]

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Why you should care about the new Apple TV

The Apple TV is finally here.The first time we’ve seen the box in real life.But before we can begin exploring its features, we have to ask ourselves one important question: Why is this a TV?The Apple TV has always been a bit of a mystery.It’s a TV in a box, but one that is still […]

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The best dining tables for kids

Updated February 15, 2019 12:15:46 Dining tables can be a bit intimidating for toddlers, and they’re often a challenge to use.But there are a few easy solutions that you can make your dining table a lot more manageable with.1.Put a timer on the table.The kids table on the left in this photo is a great […]

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