A new dining-table design has been introduced for the world’s most iconic skyscraper.

The futuristic concept, created by Chinese designer Xun Zhang, comes as the skyscraper’s building code is expected to undergo significant changes in the coming years.

The dining-tables, which can be made out of concrete, are designed to be more sustainable, environmentally friendly, and offer a more spacious space for guests.

Xun told Business Insider that the dining-tabs are a way to offer a new way of living in the building.

He explained: “One of the main challenges we faced was that the building itself, in terms of its design, was not quite sustainable.

The floors are not built in a way that’s environmentally friendly.

And there are a lot of problems that we had to overcome in order to create the design of the dining tables that are made out out of the building’s concrete floor.

So, we thought it was a good opportunity to bring in a design that could be sustainable and could offer a different way of life in a building that was designed for the past.”

The dining tables can be built out of multiple materials, including the building and surrounding streets, to create a single table that is not only comfortable, but also environmentally friendly to create an ideal seating area for guests to sit.

The new design is designed to offer the same comfort and space that guests currently have on the top of the iconic tower, but with the added added bonus of offering the ability to sit at a table in the air.

Guests can use the dining table as a table for dinner, and then take their seats in a fully-restored, high-quality, modern dining area.

Guests could sit at the dining area and have their meals served on a separate table as well.

While the dining areas are not new to the building, they were designed with the purpose of allowing guests to be entertained by the restaurant and dining areas.

Guests will have the opportunity to sit outside of the restaurant on the dining floors, which are made from the same concrete as the building floor.

“We really wanted to create something that was really a very sustainable design, so we really wanted it to look like a living room in the tower,” Xun said.

“The design itself is not quite as high-end as the original concept, but it’s very beautiful and we wanted it in the same way that the hotel is in that we wanted to give guests that experience of sitting on the hotel’s dining floors.

It’s a really nice design and it looks beautiful.”