The federal government has announced a new policy that will ban all restaurants, bars and hotels from operating during certain times.

The ban applies to restaurants and bars that don’t have a written permit, and the regulations include a requirement that children under 16 must be at least 15.

In order to operate, establishments have to give parents notice that children are about to enter and the restaurant must be locked and secured.

Restaurants can also apply for a waiver from the ban if they meet the standards.

Restaurant owners will be required to meet certain criteria, including not operating under a hazardous waste disposal permit, paying a fee and meeting certain requirements for a new or improved food facility.

There are also new rules for how much the province can charge restaurants to stay open.

The rules are part of the government’s new food-safety strategy, announced last month, and will be enforced until 2020.

The federal Liberals have also set aside money to fund new facilities for children and their families.

The Liberals have said that while the government plans to impose a national ban on food service, the measures will be focused on restaurants, which have a significant number of children.