The first day of Eid was full of food.

In many places, the tables were crowded.

A few days earlier, a few hundred people had crowded into a restaurant in New Delhi.

Today, the number of diners had dwindled to less than 500.

On Eid al-Fitr, the festival marking the end of Ramadan, there was no shortage of food available.

In some parts of the country, there were even more restaurants open.

A couple of months ago, I visited the city of Hyderabad, the capital of the state of Telangana.

There were more than 40 restaurants open during the day, including a number of restaurants with vegetarian dishes.

At the Bazar Restaurant in Hyderabad’s Udhampur, I ordered a red curry and a spicy curry.

The dish was so good, I ate two.

There are plenty of vegetarian restaurants in the city.

At my hotel in New York, there are restaurants open at night, and a number have outdoor seating, including an outdoor seating area with a picnic table.

But I couldn’t find any vegetarian food.

At my hotel, the dining area was so packed, there wasn’t much space for me to sit down.

The city of New Delhi, India’s capital, is home to more than 400 restaurants, including vegetarian restaurants.

It is the most populous city in India.

I visited a restaurant, which was very well known and well-equipped.

It was a vegetarian restaurant, and I had to ask for a vegetarian curry.

They had cooked the curry in their oven, and it was perfectly cooked.

It’s very good, and they serve vegetarian food at their restaurants.

The only time I ate vegetarian food during the week was during Eid al Fitr, when the government banned meat, dairy and eggs.

At that time, there weren’t any vegetarian restaurants, and there wasn.

Now there are more vegetarian restaurants and I can eat vegetarian food whenever I want.

Ive had the pleasure of dining at a restaurant and dining at another restaurant once.

The restaurant in Delhi was a popular one.

It had a nice view, and had a big, large table with a lot of people.

When we walked into the restaurant, the people who had ordered food were all sitting together.

They sat at the same table, and we sat at opposite sides of the table.

When I asked for a dish, they asked me if I wanted it, and when I told them yes, they all sat down and ate.

They ordered a chicken, and my waiter asked for the veggie curry.

I asked my waiter if the chicken was good, so I asked the waiter for the vegetarian curry, and he said yes.

When the waiter got to the dish, he said, “it’s good, but I’ll take a look at it.

Can I put a curry on it?”

When I said yes, he took it off, put it on the table and said, that’s it.

The other time I went to a restaurant with a vegetarian menu, the waiters were all very polite.

I could tell they were really looking forward to eating vegetarian food, and the restaurant was packed.

Ive never seen that before.

I went in and asked if I could have a bowl of soup, and all the waitresses in the restaurant were waiting to eat it.

I wanted a bowl, but they said no, it was vegetarian, so they took my order and I got the chicken curry.

I have tried to eat vegetarian foods throughout the year, and at one point, I went vegetarian, but not every time.

Some people were vegetarian for religious reasons, but others were vegetarians for economic reasons.

If I eat vegetarian for some reason, it is because of my religion.

I try to eat only vegetarian food when I am out of the home.

There was a restaurant at my hotel that had vegetarian food available for me, but it was very expensive, and because I wanted to go out, I would go in for a quick meal.

I am not vegetarian, and so I don’t want to go back to a vegetarian food restaurant for dinner.

When someone asks for a veggie dish, I have to ask first.

When it comes to vegetarian food after that, I go for vegetarian food with my family.

If you ask me, I think veggie food is good, if not, then I go vegetarian with my parents.

I am not a vegetarian, either, because I believe in vegetarianism.

It has nothing to do with the religion.

I do believe in God.

I believe that God loves people, and His love for people is the source of His mercy and His forgiveness.

When God is merciful to me, it means that He loves me.

It doesn’t mean that He doesn’t love me.

If someone comes to me and says that they want to eat a meal, and then they go and eat something, it doesn’t