In 2016, the US Army began building a dining room for a battalion of soldiers who had just returned from Afghanistan.

After a series of trials, they finally settled on this concrete dining table, designed by local contractors.

It’s now being used in the dining room of a hospital.

And it’s been on display at the US embassy in Kabul since November.

But what is it and how does it look?

The table is a product of a collaboration between the US government and the Afghan government.

The US military initially had to make the dining table in the United States.

In 2017, a contractor, The Cement Company of San Diego, bought a portion of the land on which the dining hall sits.

They then used that land to construct the building and construct the dining space.

Then they built the rest of the building on the land, and the contractors worked with the US Department of Defense (DoD) and Afghan government to design and build the table.

The table was first installed at a military facility in March 2018.

In August, the Pentagon began the construction of the dining facility.

The US Army is currently in the process of completing the construction on the dining area.

At the moment, it’s scheduled to be completed by the end of the year.

The dining room will feature two dining tables.

One table will be for staff and guests, while the other table will have a wall for the dining staff.

The dining room is the largest of its kind at a US military facility.

It will have five dining tables, two for staff, one for visitors, and one for guests.

The kitchen areaThe kitchen is a large room that will have space for the food, the bathroom, and storage.

The food and restroom will be separate.

The main dining area, which will be on the west side of the main dining room, will have an open area for guests to sit and relax.

It also will have communal tables that can be shared between guests.

The area will be lit from inside by a light-emitting diode (LED).

The table will sit in the light-enclosed area.

There are also two small dining tables for staff.

The table next to the wall will have two chairs, and it will be used for meetings and meetings-only.

There will also be a small table for visitors.

The other dining area will feature a large dining table for staff with a full-size table.

The tables will have separate tables for the staff and visitors.

It is the area with the most seating, with about 30 tables.

The food serviceThere will be a full range of menu items for guests and staff.

There are traditional Afghan meals, a mix of US and Afghan food, as well as local dishes.

Some of the dishes include Afghan rice dishes, rice dishes from neighboring countries, and a traditional Afghan stew.

It may also be served with hummus, curries, and sambar.

The cafeteriaThe cafeteria will be located in the same room as the dining rooms, and will include a full cafeteria.

There is a small area in the cafeteria for people who need to eat.

It includes a large table, and also two smaller tables for people working in the kitchens.

There will also have a dining area with seating for up to 100 people.

The seating area will also feature seating for people in wheelchairs.

The restaurant will be the largest one in the facility, and has been designed with the same aesthetic that the dining areas use.

The restaurant will feature an open floor plan with seating, and three levels for different levels of seating.

The outdoor spaceThe outdoor area is located on the opposite side of one of the tables, and features a covered picnic table.

There’s a bar with a table and a bar counter that serves a variety of food.

There also is a separate bar with the bar counter.

There were also chairs that could be used to sit.

The outdoor area will have seating for about 150 people.

The outsideThe outdoor seating area features a bar area, and there is a bar that can hold up to 40 people.

There was also seating for 10 people.

This area is divided into two areas for groups of up to 30 people.

There is also a separate area for the bar, where up to 50 people can sit.

This is for a cocktail party.

There might also be another table for a special event.

The building itselfThe building will house the dining facilities, a cafeteria, and several other facilities.

The building has been constructed by contractors, with the help of the Afghan Ministry of Interior, and constructed in accordance with the standards laid out by the United Nations Human Rights Council.

The construction of this dining hall is an example of how the construction and management of infrastructure can be used in conjunction with the construction work itself.

It illustrates how a joint venture can be developed with a government that is also involved in the construction, and how a large amount of funds can be made available to make infrastructure projects more efficient and sustainable.