It’s not exactly easy to compare a restaurant to another, but the answer is probably ‘Dinner Plate’. 

There are, however, many examples of diners who have taken to cooking on the dining table and have earned a reputation for being quite inventive.

Here are 10 restaurants that are worth checking out if you’re looking for a different, original, and exciting dining experience.1. 

The Tonic, Melbourne, Australia2. 

Pamela’s, Sydney, Australia3. 

Lil Wayne, Brisbane, Australia4. 

Tacos and Tequila, Melbourne5. 

Elle, Sydney6. 

Hannah & Herve, Brisbane7. 

Dining Table, Sydney8. 

Chef and Barista, Brisbane9. 

Bistro Tender, Brisbane10. 

Cocktails and Food, Brisbane1.

Tonic at Tonic2.

Dining Table at Cafe du Bar3.

Tasting Room at the Blue Room4.

The Lounge at The Cocktail Bar5.

Tasty Table at Tasty Restaurant6.

Tasteful Table at The Tasty Bar7.

The Dining Room at The Diner8.

The Tasting Table at Dining Cafe9.

Bar Bar Bar9.

Cocktails at Tasteco10.

Dine-in and dine-out at Tasting Bar