I have been trying to make a living off my craft, but the time is coming to do the same with my home furnishings. 

My wife and I are trying to do more than just decorate and repair. 

We also want to be able to live our own life without needing to buy anything from our local thrift store or mall. 

There is so much great stuff for sale out there. 

I started thinking about how I could do that without spending a fortune on expensive appliances. 

That’s when I thought about this DIY project. 

When I saw this DIY for $50 worth of furniture, I knew that I had to make something that would give me a lot of money for the materials and labor. 

The furniture will take up very little space in my home, and I’m planning to add a few more things that will add to the amount of space that the couch will take. 

But it won’t be cheap. 

$50 will take about 2 days to make, but I’m sure that you can find similar pieces for around $30-$35 per piece. 

For this project, I used a couple of old chairs from an antique store, and some old dresser drawers from the hardware store. 

These are a good starting point. 

In this project you will need to decide on which of these chairs you want to use. 

You can buy a chair from the thrift shop and add it to your home, or you can buy it from a thrift and then add it as a piece of furniture. 

To determine which chairs to buy, take the following: The width of the seat The height of the chair The length of the table legs The color of the chairs legs How many legs will you need to make? 

For example, I bought one set of chairs and three sets of table legs, but if I wanted to make another set of seating for my son and daughters, I would need to buy a third set of chair legs. 

So, for this project I decided to start with the wide chair and make it tall enough to sit on, and then make a set of two longer legs that would be tall enough for them to sit next to each other. 

Once I had these legs, I was able to create this couch that will last me until I get rid of it, and will have enough space to sit comfortably. 

Next, I decided on the colors of the legs.

I bought a set in purple and yellow, and a set that looked like a couple old dressers, but which would look great if they were all new. 

Each leg would have a different color and pattern. 

It was a challenge to make them all look the same. 

If you do it this way, you will have a couple different patterns for each leg. 

However, you can make the pattern on one leg and not the other.

So, you’ll have a green one for your legs and a red one for the rest. 

 When you are finished, it will look like this: (If you are a colorist, this will look a lot more like this, but for the sake of this project it was enough.) 

The finished couch is the size of the back of a regular couch, and about an inch taller than the rest of the furniture.

I found that these two pieces would have been enough for me to sit my son on comfortably.

For this couch, I will need two sets of legs that will be able sit next at a time. 

Here is what you will end up with: These two legs will sit at a little more than the back width of a normal couch, so if you are going to use the legs for a single sitting position, you may need to use two pieces of fabric. 

This is the couch you will be using to make your own couch, but you can get the same couch in a couple colors for as little as $50. 

(The prices of these two fabrics will vary, depending on the size you need.) 

So that you have a starting point, you need a few supplies. 

A small screwdriver A piece of carpet to lay the legs on A couple of feet of string for the legs Some scissors A few pins and hooks Step 1: Make a new couch