Big bowl, the new kind of restaurant, will be coming to your dining table soon.

The new restaurant will be based on the “big bowl”, which is a big bowl with two sides that can be eaten side by side.

It’s not a fancy name, but we are excited to announce it and have just launched it at our new restaurants.

This new version will be a big improvement in the way we cook at our restaurants, and the people who work there will be thrilled to know that it will offer even more comfort and a more satisfying experience.

Big bowl dining is an incredibly versatile concept and we are looking forward to introducing it to our customers.

In the meantime, we can assure you that this is a very exciting time for the restaurant business.

Big bowls are a huge part of the dining experience.

They offer the convenience of eating with friends, but they also help people to focus on the meal.

Big Bowls have already begun to roll out in the US and Australia.

Big bowl restaurants will also offer new dining experiences, including the new concept of a table with a full bar.

We are always looking to expand the range of dining experiences available at our hotels and restaurants and are very excited about the opportunities that Big Bowl will offer in the coming years.

Here are the big news updates from today:The Big Bowl: The new Big Bowl concept will offer diners the convenience and comfort of eating at a single table with two dining surfaces.

The concept is based on a traditional bowl and we will bring to the Big Bowl an entirely new approach to dining.

The Big Bowl restaurant will also expand the number of seats available for dining, from 15 to 20.

The Big Bowel: Big bowls can be enjoyed on the same dining surface as two dining surface seats.

It will be offered at new restaurants and restaurants in the future.

The New Big Bowl, coming soon: A new Big bowl is going to be available for restaurants in 2017.

This will be the first Big bowl concept to be introduced to the US.