Craigslist has released a new dining set for $400, which is a drop in the bucket compared to what it costs to make a table at a traditional restaurant.

The company also released an upgrade kit for those who need to add a second espresso table to their kitchen.

The coffee table comes with a set of metal tables, a stand, a sink, and a tray that can be mounted to a coffee table base.

The tables come with a rack and a stool.

There’s a $5 shipping fee, but you can also use a shipping box for the table itself.

This is a “toy” table, but it works, the company said in a blog post.

You can buy it on for $350, the blog post said.

The table can be made to order, and it comes with an attachment to mount it on the coffee table, which you can use to mount a coffee stand.

You don’t have to use a stand if you’re not planning to make the coffee stand yourself, the post said, but the tables also come with two “hand-held” espresso machines.

“We’ve been working on a more durable and flexible design for the coffee tables that can accommodate a range of coffee grinds,” the company wrote.

“If you prefer to make your own, there’s a separate set of instructions and a quick video tutorial on how to do so.”

There are other tables, too, with a wider range of grinds, but this one is the best, the posts said.

“This is the only table we know of that allows us to make coffee on a table in our home,” the post read.

“It has the most ergonomic design, and its sturdy, so you don’t feel like you’re taking up too much space on a kitchen counter.

We like that it comes in both a standard and a stainless steel version.”

You can use the attachment on the table to mount the espresso machine on a coffee counter, too.

The set also comes with two attachments for adding an extra table to the kitchen.

A set of aluminum tables are also available, but these come in stainless steel.

The product comes in six different grinds.

The stainless steel table comes in an espresso bar, an espresso machine, a small cafe bar, and an “old fashioned” espresso table.

The espresso table comes preassembled with everything you need to make espresso, the coffee maker, and the water and a drip tray.

It also comes in two sizes.

“You can get it with either stainless steel or aluminum, and with both types of espresso,” the site said.

In addition, the tables come in “slimmer” or “thicker” versions, depending on the grind.

For the regular size, you can buy a set for the $4k price tag.

For those who prefer a more elegant design, you get a set that includes a stand and a set with the coffee cup, but there’s no stand, the site added.

You get a $10 shipping fee for the set, but that’s not included with the purchase, which means you’ll need to use the shipping box.

It comes in a two-pack with six espresso machines and a couple of tables.

You could also get the set with two sets, or you can just buy two sets and have them shipped separately.