A new concept in the UK is offering a home to the ill.

Its called Comfort Centre, and its being billed as an “old fashioned comfort food” concept.

Its called The Comfort Center, and it’s being billed by chef John Hughes as an old fashioned comfort menu with the elderly as its main guests.

Hughes, who lives in the capital London, has made a career of creating unique, healthy, affordable comfort food, which he describes as “a meal for the soul” that he has found “makes you feel more connected to the world”.

It’s based around his favourite foods.

The chef says: “I love making my own meals and I’ve always loved cooking.

It makes you feel better about life.

When I cook I like simple and healthy, so I make everything from scratch. “

The food comes from my family and I like to do dishes that are as healthy as possible.

When I cook I like simple and healthy, so I make everything from scratch.

I also like to use a lot of ingredients that are locally sourced, such as local herbs and vegetables, which I use in every dish.

I make everything myself and the whole process is incredibly efficient.

What you get with Comfort Centre is a food that you feel good about eating, and that’s really important.

You’re given a choice of a variety of traditional dishes such as steak, lamb and beef, which is delicious and easy to make.

The menu has been designed to make you feel like you’re eating at home, with a simple, simple, homey feel.

If you’re at home or a hotel, you’ll be able to choose from a wide range of dishes, including fish and veg, as well as some healthy options such as soups, salads and pasta.

In the menu you’ll also find a wide variety of desserts, including traditional and vegan ice cream, aswell as a range of sandwiches, burgers and pies.

One of the most popular dishes is a simple vegan steak dinner with potatoes, mashed potato and a roasted garlic and onion salad.

Other dishes include a vegan pancake breakfast, with crispy eggs and bacon, and a veggie pizza.

There are also a range for those with allergies or a low tolerance for gluten.

On top of the traditional and healthy menu, there is a range that’s designed to help the elderly, with different flavours, sauces and fresh salads to make sure you’re enjoying a “healthier meal”.

You’ll also be able buy a variety a handcrafted wooden table, which comes with a wooden spoon, and wooden chairs for sitting.

For more information on the Comfort Centre concept, please visit their website here.