The new coffee bar will have tables, a coffee maker, a full bar and espresso machines.

The owners of the Toronto location of the IKEA brand say they want to create a place where people can sit down, talk and sip coffee, as opposed to having to find an empty table to sit at.

“The coffee bar is really something that is not just about coffee.

It’s a whole lot more,” said Tim Heintz, a co-owner of the new IKEa in the new building, which is scheduled to open in mid-October.

“It’s about being more interactive.

People have a lot more freedom to explore, more room to roam, and it’s also about having a more intimate space.” 

The owners of IKEas new coffee business say they’ve been working with coffee experts and designers in Toronto to design a space that’s accessible and inviting.

“We wanted to create something that would be a coffee shop for people to sit and chat with, where they don’t have to worry about the coffee machine, the table, the coffee, all of that,” Heinty said. 

Heintz and his co-owners say they’re trying to create an experience that’s similar to the coffee shops that have popped up in other major cities around the world, including London, New York and Toronto.

The concept of IKAs coffee shop was born in Toronto, Heintzer said, and he says he’s not the first person to suggest this idea.

“We’re always looking for new ways to create new ways of living, and this is just a great way to do it.” 

IKEas coffee shop is scheduled for completion in mid November.

It will have two tables, two chairs and a full espresso machine.

Heints is working on a full menu. 

The location is slated to open to the public in mid October, but the owner says they’re hoping to open as early as the end of January.

The building is also scheduled to have two parking spaces.

The company says the space will offer free parking for up to six hours during normal business hours.