A Louisiana restaurant where guests can dine in a living room on a dining table and eat dinner on a leather recliner is making a splash.

Wyndah’s Dining Room is a Louisiana eatery that specializes in classic Louisiana dishes, including French and Italian, and the menu is available for takeout and delivery.

Its owners, Chef Charles Wyndah and his wife Ashlyn, opened the restaurant with their family in March.

They opened the doors on Sunday with a $25,000 loan from their sister, a community college professor, to help them pay for a restaurant that has been on the market since April.

Wyndah’s was inspired by his love of French cooking, including his mother’s mother’s recipe for “pig au jus” (baked pork), and the way she made it with fresh herbs.

It was named a 2016 James Beard Foundation Culinary Award semifinalist.

The restaurant is open daily, except Sunday, but Wyndahs and Ashlyn say they’re hoping to expand to other days as the summer season heats up.

They’re hoping the business can survive a hurricane.