Sydney’s newest sofa dining tables are available at a fraction of their retail prices.

Slightly more affordable than their competitors, the sofa dining mats and the lounge chairs are made of lightweight, low-density polyester fabric that is light enough to sleep on even with the head resting on the back of the couch.

They are currently available for $180 on and will be available to purchase from March 25.

While the chairs and mat are designed for the home, they can be used in a hotel, as a lounge chair or even for a dining room.

Sensible sofa dining mat and lounge chair available at the same time, the price difference is minimal.

The new sofa dining chairs, which cost $110 each, can be purchased from September 23 for $185 on Amazon, while the lounge chair can be bought for $135 on Amazon and the couch for $100.

If you need more comfort, a sofa bed with armrests is available for around $160 on Amazon for a standard chair.

If your room is bigger than 4sqm and you want to use it for a sofa, the cheapest sofa bed for that size is $170 on Amazon as the one from Ikea for a single person.