As a parent you’ve probably been tempted to buy a kitchen appliance for your kids.

But if you’re looking for a more versatile option, this Chinese kitchen appliance is a great choice.

The Chinese version of the “cute” Japanese dish of the same name is a combination of three ingredients: bamboo, soy sauce, and rice.

But unlike the Japanese version, this Japanese version has a variety of options for its different ingredients, like the bamboo and soy sauce that makes it soft and chewy.

This makes it a great option for kids who are looking for something a little more traditional.

The bamboo and rice version comes in several flavors and is priced at around $200 for two.

The Japanese version costs around $400, but it is available in a more exotic white and red color.

The white version is the more affordable option, but you’ll want to go with the red one.

The rice version is a bit more expensive, but the white version costs a bit less.

Here’s how to make one.

Step 1: Wash the bamboo bamboo and make sure it is dry.

If you don’t have a bamboo mat, you can just cut a long piece of bamboo.

The length will depend on how long your bamboo mat is.

You’ll also need a knife to remove the bamboo.

Step 2: In a bowl, combine soy sauce and rice and set aside.

Step 3: In another bowl, add the bamboo pieces.

Add the rice, soy, and bamboo mixture to the bamboo, mixing well to combine.

Step 4: Pour the soy sauce mixture into the bamboo mat.

Step 5: Place the bamboo on the surface and turn the table so that it is parallel to the counter.

The top will become a very soft surface and the rice will spread out, spreading the rice evenly over the bamboo surface.

The bottom should be slightly roughed up.

When you’ve finished, carefully flip the table to reveal the rice underneath.

The rice should be soft and sticky.

If not, the soy and bamboo are too dense.

If so, it may be difficult to lift the rice.

The easiest way to lift it is to lift one side and then push it onto the bamboo that’s underneath.

Step 6: Now add the rice and soy mixture to your bowl and mix well.

The mixture should be evenly distributed over the surface of the rice bowl.

Step 7: Pour out the soy mixture into a container and refrigerate until ready to serve.

It will keep for about a week.

It is best to keep the rice at room temperature and refrigerated for up to a week, or for up from 1 to 2 days.