New York’s iconic New York Post has been a fixture in the city’s nightlife since it opened in 1905.

Today, the paper has more than 1.5 million subscribers, and the paper is one of the oldest continuously operating newspapers in the United States.

But the home the newspaper built in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood still stands as the citys oldest known bar dining structure.

According to the Associated Press, the Times Square-inspired bar will be demolished in late 2018 to make way for a new hotel.

Located at the intersection of East 17th and West 16th streets, the new hotel will house the new Times Square hotel.

It’s expected to be complete by 2019.

“It’s an iconic landmark that will be transformed into something new,” said David Mottram, managing director of development and design firm KOME.

“We’re excited to bring the Times on the scene and the city to the next level.”

The Times Square Hotel is expected to open in 2019.

It has two levels and a rooftop bar.

The Times is known for hosting its flagship annual conference, its annual convention, and its annual Christmas party.

It is also one of New Yorks oldest continuously running newspapers.

The building was originally built in 1910, according to the Times.

The newspaper was founded by a group of newspapermen who moved the headquarters to Times Square in 1905, when it was still known as The Post.

In 1913, the newspaper expanded to Times-Picayune in New Orleans, where it became known as the Times Picayune.

It was later relocated to Times City in New Jersey.

The Post was sold in 2012 to Condé Nast.

The New York Times and New York Magazine both publish in New Zealand.

The hotel will feature three different dining rooms, according the AP.

The dining room at the upper level will include an outdoor terrace.

It will be designed to accommodate three- and four-person groups, according.

The restaurant at the lower level will have two private dining rooms and a private dining area.

There will be two large outdoor terraces on the roof.

There is also a large patio with a fire pit and fireplace in the backyard.

“The Times Square Bar is a unique combination of architectural elegance, social grace and intimate atmosphere,” said Michael E. Farrar, president of the Times Company.

“This project is part of the company’s effort to redefine Times Square as a place of excitement, entertainment and celebration.”