Today we’re talking about converting an existing table into a convertible dining space, or “table for converting,” as the folks at Next Big Futures put it.

Here’s a look at the process they used to do the conversion.

First off, you’ll want to get some good tools.

A good table is important to keep in good shape.

A table can be used as a workstation or dining table for more than just sitting and eating.

You can use it as a desk, as a table for organizing your desk, or as a storage room for a lot of items.

And a table that’s sitting upright will hold up to the elements better than a table made out of wood.

Next, the process takes some time.

The table needs to be well-drained.

To do this, you need to clean the inside of the table, as well as the outside.

You need to scrub the table from top to bottom, and even remove any dirt.

Then, you’re going to need to apply a coat of primer.

A primer that goes on the inside will help protect your table from the elements and will help prevent stains from forming on the surface.

To clean up the table after you’ve put it in place, you can either take it out to the car wash or hang it in a closet.

You’ll need to paint the surface with primer, which is applied to the table by rubbing a paintbrush on the table.

After the paint has dried, you will need to spray the table with a coat or two of primer on the top.

You can also paint the table to match your decorating style.

Here is a table painted to match a modern dining room:Once you have the table painted, you may need to add some trim.

Here are some of the choices we used:Lawn furniture and trim.

Here’s what we used for our conversion:Lights and accent lightingThe tables inside and out.

Once you’ve got everything you need, you should be ready to move on to the next step.

The conversion takes time.

Once you have your table, you won’t be able to move it out of your home.

You won’t know if you’ve made the right decision until you’ve had time to inspect the table and see if the paint is still applied correctly.

But you can tell that your table is well-poured, even though you’ve just painted it.

If you haven’t noticed, you might want to check your work and make sure the paint still looks as you expect.