The Amazon Echo speaker is still a great speaker for people who want to use it as a kitchen appliance but don’t want to pay for a full kitchen appliance.

However, Amazon is now launching a $99 extension that lets you upgrade it to a complete kitchen appliance for a fraction of the price.

The new $99 “kitchen appliance” extension is available to anyone who buys an Echo or Echo Dot with the new Amazon Echo Dot or Echo Plus, or one with the Amazon Fire TV.

The Amazon extension lets you choose from an assortment of options, including a dishwasher, sink, and microwave, and includes all the same features as the original Amazon Echo.

The Echo’s built-in speakers have a built-up volume control, so you can control them via Alexa and Google Assistant.

However the Amazon extension also includes the Alexa-controlled dishwasher and sink, so they can be controlled from a smartphone.

The dishwasher can be programmed to turn off the washing machine when the user is home, and the sink can be configured to automatically turn on when the sink is plugged in.

The kitchen appliances will include Amazon’s Alexa-enabled appliances and the Echo Plus speaker will automatically control the cooking assistant.

The $99 kitchen appliance extension is now available in the Amazon app for Amazon Echo owners and will be available later this week for the Echo Dot and Echo Plus owners.

The company says it will be adding more Alexa-compatible dishwashers and sinks later in the week.