A new dining table at my new place is being designed for big groups.

My family has been planning for years to move into our new place, and it’s now ready to take over.

“We’ve been looking at what the dining table could do, and now we’re ready to go,” said Amanda St. Louis, one of the owners of the restaurant, El Barrio Mexican Restaurant, in Winnipeg.

The tables are big enough to seat four people, but are also big enough for small groups of friends or families, she said.

“It’s not like we’ve been putting out menus.

It’s been just a lot of planning.”

Amanda St Louis, owner of El Barro Latino Restaurant, wants to start selling its new dining room, El Bien El Baro, in the next few weeks.

(Natalie Khawaja/CBC) The kitchen is still in the process of being built, and St. Lucas is still figuring out how to design the table to suit a large group.

For now, she’s looking for suggestions from the public on what the table could look like.

“Our restaurant has always been about community and connecting with the community.

We are all people.

We’re all different, and that’s what we try to do,” she said, adding that she is trying to make the table accessible for everyone.

El Barros new dining space is set to open in March.

“I’m really excited,” said St. Lucia.

“This is a beautiful piece of architecture and a lovely piece of space.

I really want to be able to give it a new lease on life.”

El Barrero Mexican Restaurant is set for a spring opening.

(CBC) El Barrón Mexican Restaurant’s dining room can seat four guests at a time, with a seating area of up to six people.

There is a kitchenette and a lounge area, and a large dining table and large tables.

The dining room is also the size of a large restaurant.

“When we were building our kitchen, we thought we were going to have a big kitchenette, and we didn’t really expect that, but we just got lucky that it happened to fit the kitchenette space,” said Alina Zuñiga, the executive chef at El Barria.

“The kitchen itself is really spacious, with huge windows, and big windows, it just looks beautiful, it’s beautiful.”