“This is a great place to be.”

“It looks like a boat.”

“We’re going to be able to get out into the bay and see the sea.”

The sea has always been a part of the Bay Area.

When a group of explorers discovered the island of Saipan in the Pacific, they called it “the island of the blue sea.”

Saipans people were from the island and they used to swim around the islands shores and enjoy fishing.

The people who came to the islands in the 1800s came from all over the world, but they stayed in Saipas territory.

Saipanos history and culture dates back to at least the 1500s, when they had the first permanent settlement on the island, which was established in the early 1600s.

That’s when the Saipano language was first spoken.

But when the Spanish arrived in the 1700s, the people began to change their name to reflect their new status.

The language changed a few times, but the main change was the name change.

The Spanish named their new island of Santa Cruz Saipa.

The islanders didn’t like the name and so they changed it to the English name.

The name was later changed to the Bay Islands.

When the Spanish came to Saipos territory, they renamed the island San Francisco Bay.

The islands current name is Saipao.

But the name Saipo was chosen because the islanders liked to use the name for their territory.

The bay area is a major tourist destination.

The Bay Islands are the only part of California where it is not prohibited to fish.

They are open to visitors, but not allowed to fish at night.

They also have no barangay, village, or town restrictions.

But it is illegal to live in the bay area.

There is no way to legally own or rent a house in the Bay islands.

You can’t own or lease a boat or any of the other types of housing.

If you own a home in the island or have a lease in a Bay area, you have to rent it to someone.

In some cases, people rent their houses from private owners.

You also cannot have a dog in the islands home.

There are many laws that govern the islands, but you can’t do much about them.

In the past, the island has been divided into several zones.

The smallest one, called the Bay Isles Zone, is home to the majority of the island’s population.

The next smallest zone, known as the Bay Waters Zone, houses only about 1% of the islands population.

Then there is the area known as “the Bay Islands Rest Area,” which is also home to only a small portion of the population.

This area is known as a “sanctuary zone” because it is reserved for those who are not supposed to live there.

The last “sanctuaries” zone is the one on the northern shore of the bay.

It is called the “bay shore zone” and is the only place that people are allowed to go.

It’s the most populated area on the Bay Island, and is where people go to eat, fish, and go for recreation.

But many of the people who live in these areas have no right to live.

The residents are in a state of limbo.

There’s no law against them living in the areas that they have been assigned.

They’re not allowed anywhere near the areas they live in.

It was the law that allowed them to go there in the first place.

They were able to go to the beach because it was the most suitable place to fish in the area.

But now, they can’t go anywhere near their designated area because it’s the Bay Shore Zone.

Some people have become quite upset with the Bay Isle community.

They believe the Bay Islanders have done little to help in the past and that the Bay Lands residents have become the “villains.”

They say the residents have not shown any kindness towards the locals.

Some residents say they want the residents to move to the rest area.

Some of the residents say that they think the Bay Isles residents have been using the islands as a vacation spot.

It has been a popular place for them to live for many years, and now that it’s time to move on, it’s causing more problems.

The current situation has left some residents worried.

They feel like they’ve been living in a dangerous situation for many, many years.

They say they’re tired of being treated like a criminal.

Some members of the public have begun to notice that some residents in the community have started throwing trash in the water.

The beach is one of the most popular places for people to gather on the bay, and it has been the area that people have been camping out for years.

Many residents have taken matters into their own hands and have begun destroying the beach and using it to build makeshift campsites.

But some residents have defended their actions.

They’ve said that the residents don’t need to live like criminals.

They have been living