Jerome’s dining tables are designed with an open-plan design to allow you to sit anywhere.

The dining table folds in on itself and is about three inches in diameter.

The dining table also has a curved base that allows it to fold flat into the table and then flat out again.

The folding dining tables have been popular with older people for decades, but there’s also been a new trend for kids.

In addition to folding dining-table dining tables, Jerome’s also makes folding tables for toddlers.

The seating position of the dining table is different for every child.

They sit on the left edge, with the center of the table facing forward, and the edge of the seat facing the left, with a foot resting on the center edge of one edge and the back of the head resting on another.

The left edge of each child seat has a footrest that can be used as a chair cushion.

The kids table has a unique curved edge that lets the children sit flat against the back wall of the house, and can be folded flat on itself.

The folding dining room tables are available in black or white.

They’re about three to four inches tall, and weigh about 2.5 pounds each.

The children table comes in three sizes: a small, medium, and large.

The small and medium dining tables each come with a seat cushion, which can be purchased separately.

The large dining table comes with a large seat cushion.

If you’re planning to have kids for a short trip or event, they’re also great for people who have limited space in the house.

A large dining room table can be customized to accommodate children of any age, but the large dining tables come in white, black, and gray.

There’s a great range of seating options for kids, and each seating position is available with a variety of options for comfort.