The Kerala government has decided to install a new copper dining area at a restaurant to help alleviate the pressure on copper supply by the state’s power generators.

The government has also decided to scrap the use of a separate cooking pot for the dining table to reduce the pressure caused by the use a single pan.

A meeting of the Central Electricity Regulatory Authority (CERA) was held on Thursday at which it decided to switch to a single cooking pot.

“We will be using a single pot in this restaurant, which will allow the cooking to be done without the need for the use the pot for other purposes.

We have decided to use a cooking pot that is less than two metres long,” said G V. Jain, secretary, power and distribution, Kerala.

The decision is in line with the recommendations of the State Electricity Regulatory Commission (SERC), which had recommended a similar approach.

The SERC had also proposed a single plate for use for the main cooking.