A family has created a DIY dining table for their two-year-old son to enjoy.

Courtesy of Emma Jones, 24, and her family Emma Jones’ son, Daniel, loves to play on his own homemade dining plate, and Emma says she was inspired by a friend who had one.

“He got the idea to make a table that is just for him and his brothers and sisters,” she said.

“They just love playing on it.”

Emma says Daniel loves to eat his meals on the table and she wanted to make it more of a family activity.

“So we went through the materials and just got everything we could afford and put it together,” she added.

“It’s a beautiful, beautiful table and he’s absolutely loving it.”

“I had a lot of fun with it,” Daniel said.

Emma says that his favourite part about the table is the cushions, which she says are made from bamboo, which “looks like it’s made from wood”.

“We love that the bamboo has a soft feel and you can feel it when you sit down,” she told 7.30.

Daniel is currently studying for his A-Levels and is excited about being able to spend more time with his family.

“I’m really excited about having a table like this and being able have it for our kids,” she says.

“Because I think it really helps them bond and it gives them something to do.”

Emma says her son has been having trouble with his balance in the past and that his balance has improved a lot over the last few months.

Emma and Daniel share their love of the table through social media. “

But when I gave it to him, and I made sure he sat on it, he’s got a little more confidence,” she adds.

Emma and Daniel share their love of the table through social media.

Emma has been using her Instagram account to share pictures of the dining table with Daniel.

Emma’s daughter, Emily, says Daniel has always loved the table.

“You can tell he loves it,” she explained.

“Whenever he gets a little tired or hungry, he’ll sit on it and it’s like a little cushion for him.”

“We’re all happy with how it turned out,” Emily added.

Emma is also using her blog to share her son’s progress in school.

Emma told 7