article New York City has the highest concentration of low-income apartments in the country, according to new research.

And the average rent for those apartments is almost twice as high as in the Bay Area, according the research.

The study by the real estate firm Trulia, released Tuesday, found the average cost of a low-rise apartment in the city is nearly $1,500 a month.

For a two-bedroom apartment, the median rent is $1.634.

That’s a significant difference.

The average rent in San Francisco and Los Angeles is $950 a month and $1.,000, respectively.

The study found that rents in the five largest metro areas of the country rose by more than $2,000 per month over the past year, even as the cost of living in the nation’s capital continued to grow.

In New York, rents for single-family apartments are almost $1 million, or 10 percent of the average price of a single-unit apartment, according of the Trulia report.

For single-room occupancy, they’re almost $2.7 million.

For two-room apartments, they jump to nearly $3 million.

In Manhattan, the average apartment rent is about $2 million.

For the rest of the nation, rents are still below average.

In New York’s Central Park neighborhood, for example, rents rose about $700 a month in April, nearly a 20 percent increase from a year earlier.

In Chicago, rents have jumped more than 20 percent since last year, and the median price for a two bedroom apartment has nearly doubled since then.

But rents in some other large cities have remained relatively flat, while rents in smaller cities have grown.

In Houston, rents climbed $200 per month, or 11 percent over the last year.

In the District, they rose nearly $300 per month.

In San Diego, rents increased by about $1 per month for a one-bedroom rental, or 15 percent over a year.

In Sacramento, rents dropped $100 per month and were nearly $200, or 17 percent, over a three-year period.

In Washington, rents in one-room rentals rose about 30 percent, or $1 for a single unit, over the year.

Rentals in two- and three-bedroom units rose slightly, but stayed at the same level.

The rental market has changed over the years, but in many parts of the U.S., low-cost rental apartments are still rare.

The high cost of rent means that many people are unable to afford to buy a home or pay rent.

In some cities, especially in the Midwest, low- and moderate-income families live in apartments with low-quality, uninsulated ceilings and poorly insulated floors.

Low-income renters are often in neighborhoods where other renters are not, and are therefore less able to afford a home.

They are also more likely to live in poverty, with a greater share of the population living below the poverty line.

According to the study, a third of low income renters were living with a parent who had a disability, and a third were living at home with someone who was not able to work or pay the rent.

Renters who lived in low- or moderate-cost apartments also have lower incomes than renters in higher-cost units.

Rents for single rooms have increased by $3,200 a year since 2008, but for two-person apartments, the cost is only $1 higher than a year ago.

The average rent increases about $3.50 a month, for a total of about $12,800 a year in annual increases.

The rent increases have been more than twice as large in New York as they are in San Diego.

The median rent in the Central Park district is now $2.,000.