The world has come a long way since a humble burger shack in California’s gritty West Covina neighborhood.

Now, the world’s largest burger joint is opening its doors in Los Angelenos’ East L.A. neighborhood.

The burger-loving eatery, which has been serving burgers to the masses since its opening in 2017, has become a destination for locals to enjoy delicious burgers and burgers in the heart of Los Angeles.

Owner and chef Daniel Grumpleburg opened the Los Angeles burger shop with his brother, David, and their sister, Mary, on December 3.

The restaurant serves up an extensive menu that features burgers, chicken wings, salads, sandwiches, and of course, burgers.

“It’s a restaurant where we do our best to try to serve up a little bit of everything and it’s also really a place where we celebrate food and food culture,” Daniel Grumbel said.

“Our goal is to make burgers as great as possible.”

David Grumpel has been working in the food business for almost 40 years, starting out at a roadside stand.

He said he and his wife Mary began their first burger stand at the age of 15 in West Covinas, California.

“When I got to be a young adult, I had a lot of freedom,” David Grumples said.

After moving to New York City, David and Mary Grumpes opened their first Los Angeles restaurant, The Meat Market.

That location became a destination spot for foodies and locals alike.

“We wanted to do something that was a little more like a restaurant than just a burger place,” David said.

David Grumbels family also runs the Los Angles Food Bank.

“They’re a family-run nonprofit and they donate food to food banks in Los Angales, San Fernando Valley and the area surrounding West Covines,” he said.

The burger joint, dubbed the “Lagoon Burger” after its location in West Hollywood, will be located at 2103 Sunset Boulevard, just a few blocks from the Los Feliz Market and the La Jolla Market.

The Lagoon Burger will have a large outdoor seating area, a patio area, and a dining room.

It will feature three locations, including one on the second floor, with three separate dining rooms.

It also has a large beer garden.

The Lagoon is expected to open its doors to the public by the end of this year.

“I think that people in L.O. are hungry for a burger.

They want a burger, and they want it fast,” David explained.

“They’re looking for a restaurant to do that.

So it’s very much a celebration of food, of the culture, of food in the city of Los Angens.”