French dining tables are now being sold on the internet for $1,600.

One of the best-selling examples is the $1.7 million Marmont table, which features a custom-made marble and wood design and can seat 10.6 people.

It is currently the most popular table in the US, with $6.3 million selling for it.

But some of the most interesting looking French dining chairs have been sold for more than $1 million.

One is an $8,000, two-carat white table, featuring a curved-edge, two stone slab with a curved base.

The $9,400, four-carach white dining chair is made from marble and has a black, five-spoke head.

It also has a custom wooden handle, a custom marble base, a black walnut top, and an engraved brass plaque.

Another $888,000 black dining chair features a six-spade design, with a three-spice base and a three wood, three-sided design.

The white table has a four-spoked design, and the white chairs can seat up to seven people.

The table in this picture is in great condition, with no signs of wear, scratches or chips.

The other chair in this set is in perfect condition.

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